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Dr. Master is a stalwart in the field of homeopathy. Having done his PhD. in Cancer Management, he is one of the only physicians to have a Homoeopathic department in Cancer Hospitals. To know more about his academic achievements



Dr. Master’s accomplishments as a physician and academic are noteworthy, but it is his work as a philanthropist that truly sets him apart. His life vision has not only been to aid his patients but society as a whole. Hence he has used his rights, responsibilities and privilege as a world renown doctor to provide treatment for those in need.



Dr. Master is a renowned teacher internationally and nationally, which involves frequent travels to his schools all over the world.


Homeopathic Health Center

The Homeopathic Health Centre is located in Mumbai, India, a city with over 20 million people, many of who suffer from a wide variety of acute or chronic ailments. The HHC is one of the places open to them to search for relief.


The HHC has been founded by Dr. Farokh J. Master in 1984. Over the years, the centre has grown with currently more than 20 homeopaths. All these homeopaths work very long hours, and see an average of 8 to 10 new chronic cases and more than 50 acute cases and follow up visits per day.


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September 20, 2019

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  • You return from a seminar by Dr. Master and you realise you were able to pack in a lot more than you imagined yourself capable of, in those couple of days. He is a storehouse of knowledge who shares whole heartedly with every sincere learner. A patient and thorough teacher we get the benefit of going through groups of remedies to cases of varying degrees of complexity. What is most remarkable is that he can still think like a student when he addresses doubts and questions. In short, a wonderful learning experience.

    Suman. S, Singapore
  • It seemed I arrived yesterday and at the same time it seems like I have been here forever so friendly everyone was. I will miss you a lot until I can return but I will keep Dr. Master in my heart and prayers. Dr. Master has brought knowledge in my brain, love in heart and peace in my soul. Never will I find such a complete teaching. Thank you for everything.

    Catherine Mayer, France
  • It has been an experience I will never forget the way everyone has opened their hearts and allowed me to feel part of this beautiful family. The simplicity of life that people enjoy and the dedicated team of homoeopaths have taught me to feel the passion of Homoeopathy again. This is the reason I came to connect again and so thank you everyone for your time patience and the gift of love between friends and for your teachings on many levels.

    Karen Jackson, Australia
  • I have attended several seminars given by Dr. Master and have found them to be excellent learning experiences. His knowledge of Philosophy and Materia Medica is quite deep and profound and he has shared with us much that he has learned from his 35 years of clinical practice. His results with serious pathologies are excellent and he is very generous in sharing this experience with us.What strikes me most is Dr. Master’s deep love for Homeopathy and his intention and ceaseless dedication to preserving Hahnemann’s legacy. Clearly his teaching comes from his sincere desire to help us be better homeopaths.

    Robert Gramlich, California