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First Consultation

Dear New Patient,
I look forward to working with you towards health and wellness. Homeopathic medicine is at present one of the leading alternative therapies practiced by physicians in Asia and Europe (particularly France, Germany, UK and Italy) and especially in the Indian subcontinent. Since homeopathy’s development as a medical specialty in the early 1800s, it has been a leading alternative to orthodox medicine internationally.

The homeopathic approach to healing maintains a deep respect for ‘symptoms of illness’ as important defences of a person’s immune and defence system. While conventional medicine often tends to assume that symptoms are something “wrong” with the person that need to be treated, inhibited, suppressed or biochemically manipulated, homeopaths tend to assume that symptoms are important defences of the organism that are most effectively resolved when treatments nurture, nourish or mimic the symptoms in order to initiate a healing process. At the most basic level, a practitioner works by accessing your vital energy, encouraging the body to heal itself.

· The initial appointment is rather lengthy, lasting from 90-100 minutes. The first part of the appointment will involve an in-depth discussion of your main complaint/s and your overall health. Some questions will seem unrelated to your main complaint; however, they offer insight into your unique patterns of balance and imbalance. As part of your analysis we will be asking you questions relating to your personality and life situation. It is very important for us to know the person behind the disease to help us help you better.

· Kindly carry all your medical files for the first appointment.
· It is essential for the patient to be present for the first appointment.
· You would need to pay the yearly consultation charge of Rs. 3000 when you book the appointment.

· As our appointments have a long waitlist, we would appreciate prior intimation should you wish to amend your appointment date or time.
· If you wish to change or cancel the appointment more than 15 days before the appointment date, we would be able to help you with a date change or a full refund.
· If you wish to change the date of your appointment less than 15 days before the appointment date, we will try our best to accommodate you, but if it is not possible to fill your slot due to last minute changes, you might forfeit your appointment charges.
· If you wish to cancel your appointment less than 15 days before the appointment date, you will forfeit your appointment charges.

Your courtesy and understanding are greatly appreciated in this.
I look forward to helping you.
Dr. Farokh Master
M.D. (Hom), F.H.M.A. (U.K.), F.R.C.H. (U.K.)

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