About Us

Juggernaut was a well thought concept brought to life by a group of young entrepreneurs. With the idea of having a place dedicated primarily to sports teamed up with some delicious internationally inspired cuisine.The first step in that direction was the Juggernaut Sports themed restaurant and adjacent football turf in Ahmedabad. With delightful food, live match screenings, tournaments at the turf, the venue is a one-stop-haven for sports lovers. Currently in 6 locations in 5 cities, we plan to spread the awesomeness to other parts of the country soon enough. Watch this space to find out when the Juggernaut tornado hits your city.

Our Story

Someone once righteously said that in today’s world where we are constantly under stress and pressure- A sport can scientifically help you relax. We at Juggernaut take all our sports seriously. We literally eat,drink,sleep sports and we aim to spread this noble concept. Designed to be an epicenter for culinary excellence and a signature restaurant where entertainment meets you at your table. Juggernaut follows a unique concept of standardizing your experience and so we have the exact same layout of both the Turf and the Restaurant in all our locations. A perfect combination of fun and food is what summarizes an evening at Juggernaut