Chips and dips
assorted chips served with basil and beetroot hummus and cocktail sauce
Onion rings
all time favorite (onion rings) served with cocktail sauce
Bruschetta Focaccia
Cheese, Tomatoes, Capsicums & Sun dried Tomatoes; grilled
Stuffed garlic bread
abun stuffed with lots of cheese, garlic and veggies
World Cup Pizza
All available toppings in the house
cubes of spinach and cheese served with choice of sauce


burrito bowl
thats the favourite mexican dish
layers of lasagne sheets with arabiatta, alfredo and pesto sauce
baked mac and cheese
everyone’s favourite macaroni and cheese
Garden Skillet
Assorted vegetables cooked in demi-glace;served with herbed rice
chimichurri cottage cheese steak
pan grilled cottage cheese marrinated in vegetable sauce served with spinach rice
subz lababdar with garlic naan
Dum biryani with burrhani raita


Black Currant Mojito
Combination of mint & black currant crush
Cranberry Spritzer
Cranberry, Lime & Ice
dutch truffle
dutch truffle pastry is now a shake
berry blast
strawberry, raspberry, cranberry juice, lime juice and soda
black currant and strawberry shake
A sweet delight
Nutty Crunchy
Better version of a Ferrero rocher milk shake
Nuttella shake
for the nuttella lovers
Masala Coke


fresh made waffles
freshly made waffles served with choice of ice cream
Death by chocolate
chocoalte truffle, walnut chocolate brownie, chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate syrup, nutsand vermicelli
fresh fruit dessert
(seosanal, please ask the attendant for flavour)
choice of ice cream
please ask our order takers for flavours
sizzling walnut brownie
simple and unique brownie served with vanilla ice cream
warm chocolate truffle
Layered warm chocolate cake, served with coffee ice cream