Automan Polyclean Car Duster

Polo Car DusterJopaus Car Duster Beat Car duster duster4


  • ABSORBS DUST & POLISHES: Specially baked, wax-treated cotton strands – doesn’t move the dust but absorbs it and wax treatment polishes and provide shine to the surface.
  • More DIRTIER the duster gets BETTER it works.
  • SAVES WATER by reducing vehicle washing frequency.
  • SCRATCH PROOF: The soft treated cotton strands absolutely won’t ever scratch the paint.
  • LIGHT IN WEIGHT: It is so Light in weight that not only Men but even Women can use it to clean their car or furniture in their home with ease.
  • FIRM, TIGHT BUT SOFT GRIP: Foam grip, stays tight but soft on hands avoiding Bruises
  • LONG HANDLE: Its Long Handle enables Cleaning the car roof easily.ease.

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