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Automan Polyclean Car Duster

Features: ABSORBS DUST & POLISHES: Specially baked, wax-treated cotton strands – doesn’t move the dust but absorbs it and wax treatment polishes and provide shine to the surface. More DIRTIER the duster gets BETTER it works. SAVES WATER by reducing vehicle washing frequency. SCRATCH PROOF: The soft treated cotton strands absolutely won’t ever scratch the […]

Nano Energizer for Bike

  Key Features Fuel savings up to 10-15% Reduced Noise and Vibration Levels Restores friction surfaces and protects against wear Better oil pressure & great combustibility Enhances engine life Protects engine for next 40000 Km Platinum Coating Technology Increase Power of Vehicle Eco Friendly Additive to Petrol Engines Every 9th time of fuel refill will […]

Nano Energizer for Car

The NANO ceramic powder mixed with engine oil restores worn-out parts of engine. Cracked parts have high electric potential and charged particles are moved selectively into cracked parts. Tight platinum metallic cohesion is conducted by heat and pressure. After restoring, cracked parts of engine is recovered and nano powder forms lubricant membrane on inner wall […]

BellAire 3000 Tyre Inflator Air Compressor Pump

The Bellaire 3000 Tire Inflator uses forced air cooling technology with an automatic shut-off dial gauge, ensuring your tire will inflate completely to the desired PSI without over inflation. The rugged molded handle, large dial gauge and flexible LED work-light make this 12 Volt inflator a powerful solution for both emergencies and tire maintenance. Key […]