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Offering an array of waxes and lubricants of premium quality.

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About waxIndia

With decades of experience, WaxIndia has established itself in the industry and recognised as the leading manufacturer of waxes and lubricants. Our core expertise is producing different forms of paraffin wax, polyethylene, micro, vegetable waxes, and speciality oils. Our client profile consists of PVC, plastic processing aids, tyres, inks, cosmetics, polish, candles, rubber, wood, moulds, and paint manufacturing companies.
WaxIndia is one of the few companies manufacturing wax in micronized form with years of experience. Our range of waxes and lubricants are utilized and appreciated across the world.


We are dedicated to provide unsurpassed quality products and services. WaxIndia strives to maintain and corroborate high-quality and consistency at each step to achieve the high standards we strongly believe in. We have an advanced research and development laboratory with testing facilities.


Located at an Industrial township near Tarapur in Mumbai, our plant is closely situated to the Nhava Sheva port which makes catering to the domestic as well as international markets easier.
Our manufacturing set-up has a world-class facility comprising of a state-of-the-art laboratory and an in-house machinery which does wax processing tasks like flaking, prilling, de-watering, degasification, and testing. Our plant is a physical embodiment of impeccable quality and seamless solutions.

HR Policies

At WaxIndia, we believe that our employees are the pillars of our accomplishments and progress. The HR policies are designed to promote a structured, consistent and uniform environment. A holistic approach is followed to encourage smooth processes and collective growth.

our products

Manufactured in our well-equipped and technically advanced facilities, our products are of premium quality, at a reasonable cost. We ensure that every requirement is intensely examined along with the sampling process before the final solution is formulated.

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