About Us

Serving since 4 decades, Waxindia group was rooted in the year 1971 that has evolved from being a traditionally operated family business to a technology driven rubbers, tyres, cosmetics, plastics, candles, moulds, adhesives and a lot more types organization. Waxindia produces a spectrum of waxes and lubricants, required in industries manufacturing. Our core expertise falls in making Paraffin, Polyethelene , Micro , and vegetable waxes. An ISO: 9000-14000 certified organization, being environmentally responsible and following ethical practices, Waxindia aspires to leave a strong foothold in the global market. Waxindia desires to fly high with its wings spread across other businesses like petrochemical, tea and warehousing.


We work with utmost flexibility and proficiency while meeting demands with tailor-made offerings. Every production is backed with a strategic plan to avoid any wastage of material, time and human effort.


An extra care is taken while taking the brief from the client. The communication with the client is smooth and error-free. We take complete responsibility of what we do till the end of the delivery. Each product specification is documented and double verified before taking it under production.


The key to exceptional services is to in behest with principles and expectations of our customers. Our team is vigilant to resolve any queries and provide sustainable solutions.