Microcrystalline Waxes

Micro wax of Microcrystalline wax is derived in the similar manner as paraffin wax from the fraction of crude however microcrystalline waxes have micro crystals or finer crystals as compared to paraffin wax and are of higher melting point as compared to paraffin wax . they are have inherent property of tackiness and is often used as a tackifier or binder in several applications . Micro waxes are derived from heavier lubricating oil fractions mainly Brightstock. They are softer as compared to paraffin wax and is found in wide applications many of them are of articles of everyday use.

Microcrystalline waxes have their melting range from 65 deg C to 95 Deg C and are mainly identified on the basis of their oil content and needle penetration which can vary from 1 mm to 3 mm or even more

Applications :- Cosmetics , Rubber and Tyre applications , polishes , tackifiers , Adhesives , mould release , candles .